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很肯定的告诉你,这句话没毛病 译文:我能为你做些什么?我想要两箱苹果。 原文:What can I do for you ? -I'd like two boxes of apple . 希望我的回答能真正帮助到你

apple应该用复数,即apples。因为two boxes of apples是两箱苹果,名词就要用复数。

两箱子苹果 Boxes two apples Two boxes of apples Two suitcases apple

How many boxes of chocolate do you need? 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

Tell me if there are two boxes of pens in it. 告诉我里面是否有两盒笔。 用复数是因为形容两盒子钢笔,势必要用复数,不是一个。

紧接这上面的 "Very clever," said the Major. Mr. Levison then turned the conversation to the subject of letter-locks. "I always use the letter-lock myself," he said. "My two words are Turlurette and Papagayo. Who would guess the...

they bought two boxes of apples yesterday

A. two boxes cake; four bottle of oranges B. two boxes cake; four bottle of orange C. two boxes of cakes; four bottles of orange D. two box ...

D 选项中只有可乐是饮料,符合题意,故本题选D。

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