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it is nECEssAry to

这与it's necessary无关,完全是to和for的区别for 后面接人或物,表示“对于……来说很重要”的意思to后面一般接动词,是个连接词,全句意为“做什么什么很重要”


你好, 原文是不是 (It is not necessary to Change, then Survival is not mandatory.)? 如果你觉得没有必要改变,那就意味着没必要生存。

requisite和necessary的区别是什么? leopard_1982 | 2009-05-14 requisite和necessary 在用法上有何区别? 满意回答 requisite 为形容词时多做定语,修饰和限定中心词。 necessary 既可以做定语也可作表语,如something is necessary. 但你不能...

It is necessary to pay attention toeach detail.

He met her at a party. She was outstanding; many guys were after her

In order to learn to be one’s true self, it is necessary to obtain a wide and extensive knowledge of what has been said and done in the world,...

加了is 是句子,是think 后面的宾语从句。不加is是做补语的成分

小题1:failed小题2:themselves小题3:physical小题4:choose小题5:until小题6:decision 小题7:before 小题8:enough小题9:boring 小题10:out 试题分析:有必要去发现你所擅长或不和你的喜欢或不喜欢。学会放弃自己不喜欢的,去学习 喜欢的和适合他...

it is necessary to的例句: It is necessary to keep the offices neat . 有必要保持办公室的整洁。 I it is necessary to learn a foreign language . 我认为学习一门外语是必要的。 In this situation it is necessary to rank the projects ...

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