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at a disadvantage [英][æt ə ˌdisədˈvɑ:ntidʒ][美][æt e ˌdɪsədˈvæntɪdʒ] 处于不利地位; 例句: 1. The speed of the fund approvals inadvertently placed many of the...

put sb at a disadvantage 使某人处于不利地位 The woman workers are put at a disadvantage in the labor market because of their relatively lower standard of human capital investment, which can mainly be explained by the traditiona...

This,for those as yet unware of such a disadvantage,refers to discrimination against those whose surnames begin with a letter in the lower half of the alphabet这对于那些还不知道这是一个缺点,指的是对那些姓氏在字母表后半部分的字...

be at a disadvantage 处于一个不利地位


题目问下列哪项可能是搜索的缺点?。根据文中的句子“Where’s no career counseling implicit in all of this.”以及“Instead,the best strategy is to use the agent as a kind of tip service to keep abreast of jobs in a particular databa...

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put sb at a disadvantage 使某人处于不利地位 put sb at a disadvantage 使某人处于不利地位


1. A disadvantage or inconvenience. 劣势劣势或不便之处 2. To the disadvantage of sb. 对某人不利,使某人吃亏 3. Sato was at a disadvantage. 佐藤处于不利的地位。 4. That's the big disadvantage. 这就是最大的不利因素。 5. hidden di...

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